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Wedding Winter Wonderland

By Izabela

WOW, what a whirlwind of a summer and now we’re already mid way through fall. Before you know it the leaves will fall and then jolly Saint Nick will surface in all the shopping malls. While the prospect of frigid temperatures and mountains of snow aren’t always appealing, I must say that there’s a distinct charm in a winter wonderland theme for your wedding day. Sure it’s not for everyone, but for those toying with the idea, here’s a few benefits to consider:

  • You’re going to get the date you want. When you have a special date in mind it can be disheartening to discover that there’s no availability. Not the case in the winter time when weddings tend to be off-peak.

  • The honeymoon. Take advantage of the great rates that you can get in December and January on a romantic tropical getaway. Not to mention, wouldn’t it be great to escape the cold and relax in the sun. On the flip-side if you’re a winter sports enthusiast, nothing can be more romantic than cuddling up to a warm fireplace in a ski chalet. Let’s not forget that your anniversary serves as the perfect excuse to get away and do the same thing as your honeymoon!

  • Ambient decor. Winter weddings have such a unique decor flavor. You can create magical ambience with the use of candles, and the deep, rich floral choices. Burgundy roses, holly, pointsettias, with accents of calla lillies, pussy willow and some ever green can provide quite an intriguing effect. Bright red cranberries with pine combs in a bowl surrounding floating candles make an easy and inexpensive centerpiece. Reminds me of an enchanting wedding we had last winter!

  • It’s comfortable. Does anyone enjoy being in a 3 piece suit or wedding gown when the thermometer is at 30 degrees?

  • Precipitation. Rain on your wedding day is never welcomed (unless you’re a mid- century farmer and it’s seen as a sign of fertility). Snow, on the other hand, provides a glamorous backdrop for stunning pictures. Let it snow…

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