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10 things to do when you you're engaged

Congratulations to all the engagements over the holidays! We are so excited about all of our 2014 weddings and looking forward to hearing all the romantic engagement stories.

Congratulations, you’re engaged and now the real fun starts!

This is such an exciting time for you and your fiance. Prepare for a lot of partying, celebrating, engagement gifts, and fun! As soon as you get engaged, things will move fast so use this Top 10 Things To Do When You Get Engaged list as a starting point for all the fun to come:

1. Share the news! Call your relatives and everyone you know .Put any pictures you have of the engagement on social media sites, if you desire, so all your friends can share your engagement excitement with you!

2. Get your ring sized and insured! Safety first, when we are dealing with a girl’s best friend.

3. Get a Wedding Planner. No, not a wedding planner person. Get an iPhone app, a datebook, a calendar or some other kind of keep-organized device to help you create a timeline for major wedding-related tasks.

4. Daydream (a Lot). Watch Father of the Bride for feel-good tears, look at maps for honeymoon ideas.

5. Start discussing a wedding guest list…this can be preliminary. Ask your parents (and his) to start a preliminary list too.

6. Find an engagement celebration idea with your fiancé. Maybe just a night out to dinner.. or a romantic dinner at home.

7. Pick a date. After you get the initial “CONGRATS on your engagement!”, you will soon get people asking “When are you getting married”. It always makes me laugh that people start asking that question an hour after you get engaged. Instead of getting annoyed, be prepared. Be prepared to use a vague, yet specific answer, such as “we are thinking about next winter” or “Probably early next year”. People like to feel like they are part of your wedding planning and they like to feel connected to the newly engaged couple.

8. Decide on a wedding budget. Open a basic savings account at any bank, deposit a set amount every paycheck that’ll go toward wedding-related expenses only.

9. Book your venue. Once you have your budget and an idea of guest list. The sooner you pick your Venue the better, then you can start the rest of your planning.

10. Celebrate! This is a once-in-a-lifetime event purely about you and your fiancé. You are allowed to enjoy it!

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