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The Red Poppy

I am a true flower lover. Beyond the remarkable and exquisite physical attributes, flowers have the distinct capacity to commemorate events and symbolically send a message. For instance, roses always say “I love you”, orchids say “you’re beautiful”, pink carnations say “thank you mom!” and so the list continues…

Unmatched in its rich identity, the red poppy delivers the poignant, powerful, and yet concise message of homage and gratitude. “Lest We Forget”. Those who proudly don the red poppy are not only honouring the ultimate sacrifice made by over 117,000 Canadian soldiers, but the events that helped define our great Nation. Citing the words of former Brigadier-General A.E. Ross, Canada marked its “birth as a nation” by accomplishing a seemingly impossible and heroic fete by capturing Vimy Ridge. The significance of this victory is that Canada succeeded where its American, French and British allies failed. The victory at Vimy Ridge also marked the first time that Canadian forces from all across our Nation were united in battle. Similar to how our heroes united and achieved greatness against all odds, we as a nation can join together and pay a collective tribute by wearing a poppy.

We live in the greatest nation in the world and that is because of the unmatched bravery and sacrifice made by our Canadian War Veterans. Wearing a poppy does not advocate any political or religious affiliation nor does it lend an endorsement to war. The red poppy flower is only saying thank you to our Vets, and “Lest We Forget”.

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